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This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Leo 22nd July => 22nd August 2017

Written by the נסתר Spiritual Astrologer author ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or

Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה , "This Weeks" Planetary Movements

& This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets for 2017


22nd July: Sun enters Leo

23rd July: New Moon in Leo

24th July: Venus 22° Gemini opposes Saturn [retrograde] 22° Sagittarius

24th July: Mercury 28° Leo trines Uranus 28° Aries

25th July: Mercury enters Virgo

28th July: Sun 5° Leo conjunct Mars 5° Leo

30th July: Venus 28° Gemini sextiles Uranus 28° Aries

31st July: Venus enters Cancer


3rd August: Uranus goes retrograde at 28° Aries

7th August: Full Moon at 16° Aquarius

10th August: Mercury 11° Virgo sextiles Venus 11° Cancer

10th August: Sun 18° Leo sextiles Jupiter 18° Libra

12th August: Venus 13° Cancer trines Neptune [retrograde] 13° Pisces

13th August: Mercury goes retrograde at 11° Virgo

13th August: Sun 21° Leo trines Saturn [retrograde] 21° Sagittarius

15th August: Venus 17° Cancer opposes Pluto [retrograde] 17° Capricorn

17th August: Venus 19° Cancer squares Jupiter 19° Libra

20th August: Mars 19° Leo sextiles Jupiter 19° Libra

21st August: Sun 28° Leo trines Uranus [retrograde] 28° Aries

21st August: 2nd New Moon in Leo - 28° Leo


23rd August: Sun enters Virgo

26th August: Saturn goes direct at 21° Sagittarius

26th August: Venus enters Leo

27th August: Jupiter 21° Libra sextiles Saturn 21° Sagittarius


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Introduction to Sun in Leo 2017

Life is - "on-the-move" - for everyone !


I've been telling everyone since the beginning of the Zodiac year in March 2017 - that life is changing - life is on-the-move for everyone. Ofcourse it depends on your own circumstances and situation - but sooner or later - you'll see and are seeing things change for the better.


Some of you who've needed to let-go of an old version of yourself - in order to be a new better version of yourself - it's been happening - and - you're seeing and feeling so many changes happening. Some of which - don't make sense - and yet they're actually happening for you.


During Sun in Cancer 21st June => 22nd July 2017 - the 4th star sign of the zodiac - a FIXED Cardinal star sign - which meant - in it's purity and perfection it was 100% reliable to get the destined job done - and - it has made you realize lots of things about yourself and about your life - both positive and negative things - both things that are right but was more about things that are wrong.


Most importantly, it's made you STRONG to know specific things you don't want in your life anymore - and - made you begin to think about what you do want in your life. For some of you - I'd say you've got what you wanted - whilst for others - you still don't know what "it" is you honestly and truthfully want - all you do know is what you don't want. The doubts and lack of clarity will vanish during Sun in Leo from 22nd July => 22nd August 2017 - and soon you're going to be seeing clearly what "it" is that you want.


Now - "some" of you - even if you aren't planning to change anything in your life - it will change - because Sun in Leo has the purpose to get you 100% connected to yourself - to the honest and true version of yourself that creates the maximum vitality. I should add that - even if you're happy with your life - you're going to realize clearly that you need to be stronger connected to some things than you have been.


The key words for - Sun in Leo - are - "Life is on-the-move" - indeed - it's that simple - because the truth is over the past 12-28 years - yes that's right over many years - 12 years defined by the Jupiter cycle - and - 28 years defined by the Saturn cycle - everyone has gone-astray - everyone has wandered around and got connected to "other" things.


Some of those "other" things are 100% perfect for you - as you know - because they give you your vitality and energize your existence - but "some" of the "other" things aren't truly right for you - and over the past 2 years - since Saturn entered Sagittarius in 2015 and since Jupiter entered Libra in September 2016 - you've been realizing this more and more.


During Sun in Leo - you will see clearly - with 100% truth - and get the need to be connected to everything and everyone that is really good for you - because it gives you lots of energy, vitality and success - and - to be disconnected from and stop being distracted by everything that's bad for you - because it gives you no energy and has been unlucky for you - because it has drained you.


Sun in Leo has the purpose to make you ALIVE and STRONG - by ensuring you're connected to everything and everyone that defines the SOURCE OF YOUR VITALITY. Hence - when I say - "Life is on-the-move" - what I mean you'll be moved to be RESET to be the person you're supposed to be, to be where you're supposed to be and to be with the people you're supposed to be with.


There's another facet of "Life is on-the-move" - and - that's at each important phase of life - the source of your vitality changes - like the relationships in your life - like the new home you move into - like the new job you do - like the different food you eat - sometimes - it's destined time for a change - and - that's when you get connected to a NEW SOURCE OF VITALITY.


Hence, whether you're going to be changing onto something NEW or whether you're going to be reconnected with the original karmic source of your vitality - Sun in Leo - will ensure you get the maximum positive energy you need to live life to your maximum potential.



Sun in Leo connects you to your source of Life

Sun in Leo defines what keeps you alive

"It" will be obvious and 100% clear to you what "it" is - as - "it" will truly make you feel alive and want to live life

Human instinct is always to look-forward - hence - destiny has to create reasons to look-forward to living life


This zodiac year is a STRONG year - and - that means things every month has a specific message for everyone. Sun in the 5th star sign of the zodiac Leo will ensure you're connected to the source of your life-energy - Sun in Leo will show you with clarity, who, what and where it is that you belong connected to - who, what and where is the true source of your vitality.


Ironically, Sun in Leo is often a time when "some" people go on holiday - and - very often - "those" people realize that the best facet of going on holiday is coming back "home" - to a "home" that is safe, secure and has everything you need.


Indeed, I always get puzzled why "some" people go on holiday - especially to risky destinations - when they could have a great time at "home" - and - do something more meaningful with the money they waste going on holiday !


But - the truth is we've all done it - we've all made mistakes in the past - by going-away and then realizing the truth - that we would have had a better time staying at "home" - I guess the lesson is the same - to teach you that you HOME is where you truly belong - HOME is the best place in the world.


Let me explain - whenever you go somewhere new or eat something new - you instinctively either like it or hate it - and the key to choosing whether you like something new is defined by what you're used to and what you compare it to.


Hence, foreign countries are foreign to you - because you compare it to what you're used to at "home" - likewise when you visit friends or family - you compare their home to your "home" - whether or not you choose to like it or not. This is the same reason whenever you're in a foreign country you always look for brands that you TRUST and know from back "home" - like Starbucks, Coca-Cola and Pepsi - as it makes you feel back "home"!


On a deeper level - your personality - your attitude - your way of life - defines - what you need in your life to have a sense of being at "home" - because "home" defines the source of your life-energy and what your aura needs. It's the same in your relationships - you look for defining factors that you know you need to be at "home" with the person you're dating. As soon as you feel at "home" then you know it's good for you - but at any moment you don't feel comfortable because something isn't right - is when you know it's not going to be right for you.


Sun in Leo - means - getting the strong feelings of being at "home" with everyone and everything in your life. And if you're not at "home" - then destiny will be creating changes to ensure you get "home". And it will all happen by "coincidence" - so technically you don't have to do anything - except - use your instincts and let yourself feel what life wants you to feel.


Sun in Leo will surprise you - as - even something NEW that will come into your life - will make you feel like "home" - and - that's because Sun in Leo - in almost every facet of your life - has the purpose to ground, connect and reconnect you to your - "home" - to the source of your vitality - and - to everything that's really right for you.



Whatever you love - you'll love a lot

Sun in Leo - defines the truth - whatever you love and whatever you hate will be 100% clear

Cohesion - whatever you love - you'll put energy into it - and - it will reciprocate it's power to you


Astrology is always defined by OPPOSITES - the most powerful day in the month is always the Full Moon - when the Moon opposes the Sun - and - in understanding the truthful facts of astrology - you should know by now that the Sun is the source of energy of our Solar system - and that - Earth moves around the Sun - hence - when we say that the Sun enters Leo - astrologically it means that Earth has moved into the opposite star sign of Aquarius - as viewed from the Sun - giving the appearance that the Sun has entered Leo.


Hence - the properties of Aquarius - define what happens during Sun in Leo - Aquarius is liberating and honest - it never fears saying the truth - Aquarius realizes the life must be lived truthfully - because if you deceive yourself - then sooner or later - when the truth is revealed - you won't be able to hide the truth.


Sun in Leo - means 100% TRUTH - whatever "it" is you love in your life - you'll love it a lot - and everything else you'll either discard or it will annoy you. Sun in Leo defines COHESION to all that is right for you - because it truly is right for you. The shocks and surprises will be - what happens during Sun in Leo - because things you always knew where right for you - suddenly and surprisingly come back to life.



Everyone is Good and Successful at "something"

Understanding Jupiter in Libra


Jupiter in Libra from now and until 10th October 2017 has a destined purpose

It's to ensure you do "something" that you're good at doing and do it successfully

Everyone has a talent for something - Everyone is successful at something



What are you goals, aims & ambitions for next 6-12 years of your life?

Did you get what you wanted in the past 6-12 years of your life ?

And are you happy with what you've done and achieved in the past 6-12 years of your life ...



Sun in Leo - won't lie - can't lie - tells you the truth ...

Mars in Leo - Jupiter in Libra - Saturn in Sagittarius

The power is defined by positively good people - destined good people who are really so very good for you


In the same way that during Sun in Cancer has unlocked the power of Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn ; Sun in Leo will unlock the full POSITIVE power of Jupiter in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius.


This means that you will see 100% clearly - all the truly GOOD people in your life - because it will be so clear and honest to you - each GOOD person in your life will unlock full power of vitality and make you feel in love-with-life. It will be defined by the fact that they will make you lucky in real terms - make you feel lucky emotionally - create good luck for you financially - and get your lives moving forwards.


The power of COHESION defines - when you're connected and working with others - you get GOOD luck - and - during Sun in Leo you're going to be more alive and luckier than normal because of GOOD people in your life.


Technically and astrologically - Sun in Leo is the last month when you'll achieve what Jupiter in Libra wants you to achieve. So whatever it is - concentrate on it - and if it's business and financial related - use the GOOD luck of Sun in Leo to achieve it. Forget taking "summer holidays" especially if you've got a chance to earn a lot of money !


You see - very soon - Jupiter will enter Scorpio - which means a complete change of Jupiter energies. So take the opportunities whilst you can - make the moves whilst you can - live life to the fullest during Sun in Leo - and you'll see it will all pay off. Indeed Sun in Leo - defines what you put into life - you get out of life. People who do nothing - who put in nothing - will get nothing out of life.



2 New Moon's in Leo - Double-dose of Good Luck

Once in a lifetime - Eclipse New Moon in Leo over USA

The power two New Moon's is rare and yet will be very lucky !


Each New Moon in Each Star sign is unique - 2 New Moon's in a positive star sign is unique too - and - the 2nd New Moon which will be an eclipsed New Moon in Leo - defined by it being visible in USA on 21st August 2017 in positive star sign of Leo means the USA - with it's positive influence on the whole world - means EVERYONE will get a double-dose of good luck - real life GOOD luck - optimism - and - goodness - which are exactly what the world needs !


Check the history for yourself - there's never been 2 New Moon's in StarSign Leo in the last 100 years - AND - a visible eclipse New Moon in Leo - to be seen over USA - there's not been seen since 1918 - so it's unique - almost 100 years ago !



The Purpose of Sun in Leo is to create ....

Achievements, Success & Continuity forwards


The astrological reason for enthusiasm and optimism for every star sign is that Mars is and has been ahead of the Sun - and - finally Sun conjuncts Mars on 28th July 2017 in the positive star sign of Leo - which means all your efforts of the past 4-6 months will ensure you arrive at the destination of SUCCESS - with a sense of achievement - that you've arrived at and begun a new future - a new phase in your lives.


As you arrive at 28th July 2017 - you're going to be feeling OPTIMISTIC about your future - which will propel you forwards to the next stage. Let me clear and honest - to be optimistic in real-life means - receiving - either LOVE and MONEY or both.


When you work and achieve success - when you receive money for what you've been doing - it gives you encouragement to continue. I should add that due to Saturn in retrograde in Sagittarius - this might mean - finally achieving success because you've gone-back to what you've been doing - especially if you gave-up or almost gave-up in May/June 2017. Any delays or blockages you've had get unblocked and success finally comes to you wherever and whatever life has defined success for you.


That's because Sun in Leo - aspects - Saturn [retrograde] - Uranus [retrograde] - Neptune [retrograde] - Pluto [retrograde] - which means - things you thought weren't going to happen - will be happening - and as you've seen during Sun in Cancer - the surprises from the past - continue during Sun in Leo.


Indeed - when you receive what you'll receive from whoever you'll receive it from - it will create a BOND of COHESION - especially from good people from the "past" or from work you've done and you're doing in the "present" - but the bottom-line is to give you encouragement to continue doing what you're doing with people you're connected to.


Indeed - Sun in Leo - especially initially - between 22nd July => 30th July 2017 - will be teaching you that you should never ever give up hope - especially in relationships, in work and in business - in fact you should never ever give-up on "life" at all !



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סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם